How To Wager In Sports Matches With The Fractional Or Decimal Odds Structure

Decimal Odds Structure

This article discusses how to read Fractional and Decimal odds to discern profit from winning stakes, along with how to spot the favorites and underdogs.

Malaysian people are known for their inclination towards indulging in different sorts of wagering like other Asian countries. Sports betting being celebrated across the world can’t pass by without getting enjoyed by the countrymen. From wagering in sports like soccer and boxing to uptight e-sports matches – modern online bookmaking sites tender bettors with them all.

Factually, suppose you are a Malaysian citizen and akin to betting on sports. In that case, online sports betting Malaysia will never disappoint you in terms of bonuses, security, sports options, and odds attached. However, before beginning with your endeavor, you need to how Fractional and Decimal odds works since most sports betting sites in Malaysia tend to offer odds on matches in any of these two formats.

How to Start Betting from Malaysian Bookmaking Sites

  1. Choose a reliable site and sign up,  and enter some of your details
  2. Provide your financial information to verify your payment account
  3. Deposit some amount, gain the offered bonuses, and start wagering

Demystifying Fractional Odds

Also recognized as traditional odds or British odds format, bookmaking sites primarily use the Fractional odds format. Therefore, it has become the most favored format of odds for both bettors and sports betting platforms. Fractional odds are essentially written using a hyphen (-) or slash (/), like 5/1 or 5-1.

When you notice fractional odds in a match mentioned in 5-1 format, comprehend that for every $1 wager, you will win $5 more, apart from getting your wagered amount back. Meaning, when you are getting a $5 profit with a successful $1 bet, the total amount on your hand will be $7. Following the same logic, if you wager $10 in a game and win the bet, the payout would be $60(wagered amount $10 + profit amount $50 = $60).

And just by looking at the odds on a match or a tournament determined by any sportsbook, you can quickly identify which team is the favorites and which one is the underdog. For example, assume an online site has settled on odds on A, B, and C teams in 11/12, 10/5, and 7/3. Here, team A is the favorite of the betting sites with greater winning probabilities since the range of wagered amount and profit is lesser than other mentioned teams.

Demystifying Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are easier to comprehend than fractional ones. You can instantaneously identify the underdogs by considering the numbers mentioned in the odds. The attribute that makes the decimal odds more straightforward than the fractional odds is this format describes the payouts as the sum of the profit amount and the wagered money. Decimal odds are defined based on bets of $1.

Now presume that you notice a site offering sports betting opportunities on teams A and B with mentioned odds of 5.00 and 1.4, respectively. If you manage to have a successful bet of $100 on the A team, the total payout will be ($100x 5.00) $500, including the amount you wagered on the team. For discerning your net profit, the wagered amount of $100 should be deducted from the payout of $500. It means you will have $400 as the net profit.

Wrapping Up

Do more research to know about odds formats. Choose a reliable site to fall upon lucrative bonuses and betting options, and you are ready to start your online venture.


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