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February 27, 2019

The Only Resource Players need to Choose the Best Casinos and Games in Norway. is now live with a plethora of reviews of online casinos and encyclopedic resources for gamers. The website has published more than one hundred and twenty five reviews of Norwegian casino sites covering all popular games including slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. The website also has reviews of specific variants of different casino games that are widely played in Norway and around the world. There are illustrated guides and relevant tips for all such games. Mobile casinos and app games are also covered by Casinor.

Casinor is a comprehensive one stop guide for players, regardless of skill and past experience. The website has guides for beginners and resources to help experienced players find the best games. Online casinos routinely introduce new variants of traditional games. There are bonuses, freebies and more. It is nearly impossible for anyone to keep a track of all the casino sites operational right now. It is humanly difficult to be abreast of the latest developments of even a few dozen sites. Casinor simplifies such quests by bringing relevant information from over a hundred online casinos onto one platform. The website does this in real time so all latest updates are available through a single channel.

Casinor has dedicated sections for free games, tips, bonus packages, free spins and a secret bank that can help players develop winning strategies for popular casino games. There is a list of casinos with comparative assessments to help players choose the best sites. The website hosts all the relevant facts and presents them after verifying the information. The reviews of games dive into the technicalities, from house edge and payout percentage to variations and more. Players can sign up for the newsletter from Casinor to stay informed. The website has a presence on social media. Followers on social media can get notified of all updates in real time. has Norway’s best online casino reviews. While many such websites have focused on welcome bonuses, information obtained from unverified sources and reviews that actually do not reflect the real gaming experience, Casinor breaks the mould and comes up with authentic descriptions of casinos and games, reliable ratings and extensive advisories to help players make the right decision. The site highlights the pros and cons of different gaming platforms. It digs deep into the collection of games, assesses the plethora of options across platforms and then draws an informed inference. The information published on the website is reliable and the guidance is thus utilitarian.

There has been an unprecedented boom in online casinos. Many online casinos are hosting games that players know little about. As more variants are rolled out and there is increasing unawareness due to lack of information, platforms like Casinor shed the much needed light on the good and the bad of such propositions. Casinor is the only resource players need to find the best casinos in Norway and beyond, to choose the most rewarding games and to mitigate their losses by developing winning strategies.


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