Some things you did not know about gambling

about gambling

See some curious facts about casino, sport and esport betting. Check out this interesting information about gambling you must have never heard about before.

By all means, gambling is one of the most exciting and funniest things you can do in the internet. The fact that there’s a chance to play real money games in a casino via your mobile phone or placing bets on your top favorite soccer team while you are working on your laptop, is fantastic. But do we know everything about gambling? Although, it’s very popular and more and more countries have finally decided to legalize it as an official thing to do and earn money from, there are still facts we might not know about casino games, esports betting, sport stakes and etc.

Here are, especially for you, our precious leaders, some things you have definitely never heard about:

  1. There are casinos, indeed, in the entire world, including in the internet. But did you know that that once upon a time there was even a real casino in a real prison? We are talking about the Nevada’s State Prison, where a group of prisoners made their own casino room during the period between the 1932nd and the 1967th year. The prisoners were happy to play lots of games during the free time they were given, including Blackjack, poker and craps.
  2. Gambling isn’t just possible to change lives, it’s possible to save lives. Especially when it comes to the life of a company that’s near a bankruptcy. Back in the days, to be more specific, in the early days of the 1973rd year, the owners of the big logistics company FedEx discovered that they near a big failure – to lose everything they had due to a big bunch of debts they cannot cover. It might have been a really desperate measure to take, but one of the founder, decided to gamble and win the money necessary to cover the debts. And he made it!
  3. Counting the cards is 100% legal. A lot of card game players with real money are still scared to afford such a tactic in their experience. They might have watched too many Hollywood movies, where sometimes, Blackjack players got caught and even killed for counting the cards. In real life, though, there’s no such a law or rule where you are forbidden to count the cards at any card game.
  4. Some specialists claim that the first digital form of gambling is actually an esports betting website where passionate video game lovers placed bets on the next big winners in different digital game tournaments. Today, we see a lot of bookmakers that include esport betting events and no matter where exactly the beginning of these bets is we still love them a lot and they are not old-fashioned at all.
  5. The citizens of the place where one of the most popular casinos ever is located cannot play in it. We are talking about the Monte Carlo Monaco Casino and the Monaco’s locals who can only envy the tourists for being able to test the casino offers.


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