Top 5 Easiest And Safest Wagering On Football

Safest Wagering On Football

Gamblers bet on the safest methods. Here the odds are high whereas the profit earned is less. Still, if you are an amateur, try these ways to lower the risk of losing your money.

If you are passionate about football gambling, then you need to know about the easiest ways of winning bets. Though you won’t make colossal profits as these bets will have low odds. There are a few higher odds as well. This article pens down some of the easiest and safest ways of football wagering. For safest bets, you have to try the easy bets as they have low odds and low risk.


This method is one of the safest and easiest bets. In this method, you have to simply predict and bet whether the number of goals will be more(over) or less (under) than the stipulated one. You will great a higher correction value by choosing overbet in case of less number of goals. Whereas, under bet is selected for a higher number of goals.

Under/First Half Over

This is an exciting version of the Over/Under method. In this situation, you have staked on the number of goals scored in the first and second halves of the contest. Moreover, you needn’t have to bet on the entire match, instead, you can bet and win profits by wagering on the halves of a football match. The first half over is used for betting on less whereas the First half under is when you bet for a high number of goals.

Double Chance

This is the easiest and safest football bet you will ever find. In this bet, you have to predict two out of three probable outcomes of the match. There are three types of this bet,

Home or Draw- won by the home team or the match ended up in a draw.

Draw or Away- won by the away team or the match results in a draw.

Home or Away- won by the home team or by the away team

This betting way is really safe and has a high possibility of winning as you are betting on two possible outcomes rather than betting on one possibility either win, draw or lose.

Draw with no Bet

This is a win-win situation for you. If the match ends in a tie, your money will be reimbursed in full. Hence, you won’t be having any risk at all. Either you will win predicting on the correct team or if the match draws then all the money will be refunded. Hence, you will have a high possibility of winning.

High Voltage Matches

Betting on a high voltage and thrilling matches gives you a high win possibility as you bill bet on either team. There will be a chance of both the teams scoring. Hence this is the safest betting method.

In a nutshell, football betting is a risky sport. However, these are the simplest and safest methods of betting on a football match. You will have more winning possibilities and less risk.

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