Fundamental tips to earn more money in a poker tournament

money in a poker tournament

See some cool and helpful tips for a tournament in Use them every time you participate in a big or small poker tournament event.

Poker is one of the most legendary card games of all times. Today, it’s one of the most played casino games ever. Besides the standard cash poker games, you can also participate in a poker tournament. This classification of two types of a poker gameplay is another proof to consider the game as an amazing gambling opportunity, especially if you rely on a trustworthy betting house such as

Today, though, we are going to focus your attention specifically at poker tournaments. As you know, some of them are accessible only through an invitation. Basically, these are the so called VIP poker tournaments. And if you haven’t earned rich enough experience in the field, you might work a bit more to reach the moment when the casino company will send you such an entrance ticket.

Hence, there are also tournaments that are quite more accessible. Some of them require from you to pay a small fee for an entrance. Other poker tournaments are even free. Usually, we call them freerolls. In all cases, whether a free or a paid (as well as with an invitation) a poker tournament is something more specific rather than a standard cash game poker session.

If you are keen in the idea to diversify your poker activity, joining a poker tournament is a great idea. And if you haven’t done this before, don’t hesitate to read our tips for a successful experience. On the other side, even if you have already played in a couple of poker tournaments, do not underestimate the following pieces of advice. Some of them might be quite useful for you.

  1. Unlike in poker cash games, in a tournament it’s quite preferable to be tighter than regular. Usually, the poker pros recommend the novices to remain tight in the first rounds of the tournament. However, don’t exceed your power for being tight. If at some point you see it’s no longer possible to remain passive, switch to an aggressive play. Make it gradually, though.
  2. Widen your ranges the moment you see the arrival of the antes. Let’s explain what an ante is before that, though. It’s the so called forced bet, which in most cases can be the one-tenth of the big blind. The ante is required to be given by any punter before the hand dealing starts. Basically, this is the way the pot is gathering in the poker tournament.
  3. Be extremely attentive when you start raising. In general, we recommend you to avoid making extra high stakes in the middle of the game. These extra high exceeded limits in comparison to your first stakes might quickly lead you to bankruptcy. Hence, the last calls are just for those super high stakes. Save your big money for the end of the poker tournament.

Follow our poker tips and apply them in your next tournament session. We hope you will have great results in the end.  


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