Why meditation is the best medication for tired poker players?

best medication for tired poker players

The best players in poker99 games claim that meditation helps. See why you should meditate if you regularly play poker games.

There are thousands of poker pros in the world. Most of them are online gamblers. About 15% of them, on the other side, use the profitable website poker99 for a regular platform where there numerous cash games per day and cool tournaments. All of these pros claim that an 8-hour gameplay in poker per day is enough. These pros never get tired of repeating over and over again to the beginners and the average players how important the relaxation and the rest after a poker game are. Some of these pros even write about the different methods a poker player can use to relax within a pause between two poker games.

A recent research has shown that the majority of these pros believe in the power of the medication. Many poker experts say that meditation might be the best medication for a tired gambler, including in case poker is his or her game. These guys even point out a couple of reasonable arguments to claim so. And we read most of them. Check out why we also agree that meditation is a must for the active poker player nowadays:

  1. Meditation sets your mind free. And every poker player needs it. The thing is that poker is a thinking game, a game of skills. Unlike many lucky fortune games, poker requires your entire concentration, which might harden your mind to work at some point.
  2. Speaking of concentration, it’s proven that meditation is the best way to improve your skill of focusing. Being focused in the game is a must in poker. Once you miss a detail from the gameplay, you are a close away from losing the game. The more you meditate, especially if you are doing it before the poker game, the more concentrated and focused you become.
  3. Meditation is the source of power that improves your self-control. Hiding your emotions is a key element for poker success. You will be amazed when you figure it out that even in online poker emotions can be exposed and this will cost you the entire table pot or even your entire budget for the day. Meditate to learn how to hold your breath in bad situations, as well as how to enjoy happiness without showing even a damn of your happiness.
  4. One of the most general benefits people receive from meditation is the release of stress. And all poker players will right now agree – this legendary card game is capable to put us in big stress. Even those, who spend a short time for poker per day, know that a single loss might make lose your temper. Meditation serves the role of the medicine you can take immediately and go on with no bad or hard emotions.

Meditate before and after a poker game. Practice meditation even if you haven’t played poker for a while, because this exercise heals both – your spirit and your body.


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