The Big Game-Changers In European Football

European Football

Football has a universal fanbase, and there is no denying that. But what makes this football unique is how their players use their potential to make their game stand out.

You might have seen the football teams from around the world showcase their best talent on the field. But do all of these teams perform equally great? No. Why not? 

The answer lies in the way their players perform and the way they excel in whatever they do. The players can turn the game in just one kick, which you will notice in each game.

Currently, European Football leagues have come up with some of the best lineups of players that have caught international attention. It has given them the tag of being the game-changers. Who are the ones you should watch out for as you go for online football betting in EPL or other upcoming events? Let us find out in this list. 

Alexis Sanchez

He is the forward for Serie A Club and is also a part of the Chile national team. He has been playing since the age of 18 from 2006. He was signed by Barcelona and had even been transferred early on the worth $37.5 million, and hence, he became the most expensive player. He has had a successful run, winning two FA cups and even the Serie A title. He earned the victory by winning the Copa America title in 2015 while also getting the Golden Ball for the Best Player. Right now, he has become a player to watch out for in this EPL as he is in Arsenal. 

Vincent Kompany

He is a defender who has been supporting Manchester United since 2008 with his defensive skills. He is a great talent, and everyone goes gaga for his strikes that are inspirational by all standards. He has been winning successes like anything. Therefore, he has been the talk of the town for best defender in the history of the Premier League. 

Leighton Baines, Everton

The footballer has had a successful run with his defending skills. He is organized and a natural in his game, thereby easing the job of getting new techniques to tackle the attack. It makes him not just an asset for Everon but also the European football scene. 

Eden Hazard

Chelsea’s Midfielder, Eden Hazard, has been a talent and a powerhouse to reckon with respect. He has earned himself this respect and recognition because of his skills, which have the pundits already seeing great potential at this young age. All the legends in football, from Ronaldo to critics, have spoken highly of him. They reckon that his strength lies in creating a thrill in the game, and therefore he is quite on the lines of the legendary Fabregas. 

Sergio Aguero

Another promising talent in Manchester United is Sergio Aguero. He has scored many goals and has already held his ground for his capability to achieve. However, he has a few issues with his fitness, but his fans are hopeful that he will soon come back on this feet and be ready to challenge the world. 

These game-changers are sure to turn the tables in favor of their respective teams. So, let’s keep an eye on them this season and for the upcoming seasons too. 


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