The top gambling superstitions of all time

Indonesia online gambling

Here are some popular superstitions in Indonesia online gambling sbobet activity. Find out what is believed to bring bad, respectively good luck when playing casino games.

You should enter a safe and reliable Indonesia online gambling sbobet with no bans for you, if you want to earn some cash legally by playing poker. This is not a superstition, but a measure of security and a sign of reasonable gambling experience. Do you know how real superstitions look and sound like? It’s about time for you to hear the most ridiculous among them… Let’s get started with one funny material, because, after all it’s exhausting to read only poker strategy blog posts or regular soccer betting tips, right?

Welcome to the list of the top gambling superstitions of all time and coming from all over the world. One recommendation in advance from us – don’t get too excited or scared about them at all! They are just superstitions, aren’t they?

  • If you somehow and for some reason cross your legs under the table (yes, the computer desk chair also counts) you will lose your luck immediately. According to some nations when crossing legs, you actually close the door to luck. It seems that you are allowed to only cross your fingers when trying to win some cash thanks to luck.
  • Changing the direction of your look during the whole game is believed to bring bad luck to your opponents. It’s said that this is a kind of an old tactic to destruct the competitor’s attention. Have you ever done it? Or you prefer the old, but gold bluffing at a poker table.
  • In some European countries a bill of 50 USD is not a good thing in gambling. Online punters, by the way, believe in this superstition and according to the stats the least popular bet amount up to 100 dollars is 50 dollars. Meanwhile, even if a punter feels lack of enough money on his or her account balance, but needs a small extra amount to participate in a poker tournament, 50 USD is claimed to be a bad deposit amount.
  • In Australia 7 is the worst number in gambling. The gamblers there don’t even thing about the reputation number 13 has, because they are obsessed by the idea how bad luck 7 can bring them.
  • In Asia – or to be more specific in China – some gamblers tend to feed the casino ghost with sugar before a game. It’s an imaginary character and we are not sure how exactly you feed something with sugar if it does not exist at all.
  • If you thing you are not lucky today at all, but are, though, still up to some gambling, wear red. In In Asia and among most of the punters from any common Indonesia online gambling sbobet, it’s believed that red color brings luck.

What about you? Do you believe in any superstitions in your gambling activity? Tell us more, please!


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