What Are Playlines, Progress Jackpots and RTP. Understanding Online Slots.

Progress Jackpots and RTP

There are a multitude of varying slot machines online with different themes, offering alternative payline options, chances at higher or lower jackpots but each one being played exactly the same way.  There is no strategy or skill that you need.  You place a bet and choose whether you want to max your paylines and then you spin. Making a lower bet but maxing your paylines can lead to greater chances for a win. The rest is left up to the random number generator insider the computer.  


With slots there are reels which are the vertical spinning columns for which there are generally 3 or 5, this number can affect the game’s winning patterns.  There are rows which are horizontal and they affect how the paylines are set up for you to pick. Paylines are the rows that may be holding a winning combination.  The lines can go any which way, e.g. zig zag, horizontal, etc.  When the winning combination shows up in one of the paylines you’ve selected, you win.  If you didn’t activate that particular payline, there’s no winning.

Visuals for slots are part of the fun and excitement.  Older slot machines, while fun, weren’t very visually appealing.  In today’s games the graphics are dynamic and really set the tone for an awesome game experience. 

You have an opportunity to win a progressive Jackpot while you’re playing your slots online game.  A progressive jackpot increases over time with more people playing and adding money to the pot.  After someone hits the jackpot, the machine will take it back down to the very minimum amount again.

With the RTP or return to player, you will have an idea how high the online game’s slots payout percentage will be, but it won’t tell you how often you should expect to win.  The catch with RTP is generally slots that offer higher win frequencies will pay out much more often but in lesser amounts, with the slots offering lower win frequencies paying out much higher sums less often. Ultimately, the RTP is a calculation that a regular person isn’t capable of figuring out all of the mathematics that go into because there is no insight as to the slot’s programs. It is something that you look for when you’re playing your online slots if you feel it has any bearing in your game play.

This is a simplistic overview of understanding online slots.  It makes the game more enjoyable when you know exactly what’s going on.


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