What are the most popular casino games in…prisons?

most popular casino games

See some of the top judi online games that are played in an offline regime in casino often. Check out what games a traditional prisoner loves.

One of the characteristics we usually relate with gambling is not that positive. It’s very common to describe casino players as bad boys, machos or even liars. Meanwhile, every casino lover is aware that games are very standard in prisons, too. No matter how much the prison administrations in so many countries try to ban or at least limit the card games, prisoners seems to find a way to relax, have fun and even earn some extra cash through casino games. By the way, don’t we all have the same goals while playing judi online games – money, entertainment and diversification of the normal life? Of course, we do.

Speaking of casino experience in prisons, though, it’s of course a primitive form of gambling. However, a study has shown that there’s a concrete group of games that are typical for prisoners from all over the world. We have decided to devote this material to these games.

Find out below in the list the game names that are often practiced in the prisons, guys:

  1. Pai Gow. This is a common Chinese gambling game that involve cards and that in many ways reminds us of poker. Whether because Asian prisons are usually full or because Pai Gow has been recently become very popular in traditional judi online places, it’s one of the most practiced things in the prisons.
  2. Poker. By all means, poker is the king not only in the offline and online casinos, but also in prison. Some prisoners even claim to have learnt the rules of the most popular gambling game ever while being sentenced. Studies have shown that most prisoners prefer traditional Texas Hold Em poker and 3-Card poker.
  3. Backgammon. There’s one specification we should mention about this game. Save for being popular for prisons across many countries in the world, this is a game that was at first just a game, but not a gambling product. For this reason in many prisons it is totally allowed to play Backgammon without being punished or caught.
  4. Blackjack. Like poker, this game has its popularity for being liked by the bad boys. And if someone in the prison poker is not an option, the first next alternative is always Blackjack. It is weird, though, to know that Blackjack in prisons is usually practiced for fun rather than for money, which is they case with poker games.
  5. Bridge. This old classics has been always a favorite game in the prisons. And it would be a surprise to all of us if we don’t see this game name in this list, right?

Don’t accept this material as something frightening. You cannot get in prison only because you play casino games. But a real casino player finds a way to play even in the prison.


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