Betting with crypto currencies – the new trend

Betting with crypto currencies

The number of players using cryptocurrencies to gamble is on the rise. There is barely a casino out there that doesn’t have the ability to gamble with cryptocurrency, or at least convert cryptocurrency into the Canadian Dollar. Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies work at Canadian casinos, as well as give a couple of advantages of using this payment method.

How to Gamble with Crypto Currencies at Online Casinos

We all know what cryptocurrencies are, right? Bitcoin, that sort of thing? You have probably heard how it has become more popular online. Cryptocurrencies are used for a plethora of transactions, and they have just been introduced to the world of online casinos.

Part of the reason why cryptocurrencies are on the rise with Canadian casinos is that it is now a lot easier to gamble with them than in the past. In the past, if you wanted to gamble with cryptocurrencies, then you would need to find an online casino that only dealt with cryptocurrencies. It wasn’t easy to do. Nowadays, nearly every online casino will have some sort of payment method in place that will allow you to convert your cryptocurrencies to the Canadian Dollar. All you need to have is a wallet where your cryptocurrency is stored. You will then be offered cash a little bit below the market rate.

Why should you gamble with cryptocurrencies at online casinos?

Perhaps the main reason is that it allows you to put your cryptocurrency to use. Sadly, as popular as cryptocurrencies are getting, they are still not a ‘mainstream’ payment method. This means that if you have somehow come into some cryptocurrency, it can be pretty tough to spend it. 

Betting with cryptocurrencies is on the rise because it finally allows people to put their cryptocurrency to good use. If you love betting and you have some cryptocurrency handy, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

For the most part, cryptocurrencies will be anonymous. Obviously, there is going to be a paper trail once the money is at the online betting site, but that is it. Nobody actually knows what you are spending your cryptocurrency on. So, if you do enjoy being anonymous on the internet, then it is probably better to pull out your cryptocurrency wallet than it is to pull out your credit card. There tends to be far lower fees associated with it too, which is always going to be a good thing.

Finally; on certain betting sites, cryptocurrency will allow you to bet even if you are not a Canadian resident. A lot of people are using cryptocurrencies to bet online when betting is restricted in their country. You can thank the anonymity of the service for allowing this to happen.

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